Doctor Profile

Dr. Reem Msoukar

Dermatology & Venereology Department


- Certified by the American Academy of aesthetic medicine

- Eczyma, psoriasis, allergy and acne treatment.

-Moles, sebaceous cysts and skin tags removal.

- Botox for face, eye brows and hyperhydrosis.

- Filler for face, body and hands.

- Non surgical nose remodeling.

- Face and lips glowing and rejuvenation and pore mimimizing.

- Tightening, whitening and rejuvenation for sensitive area.

- Melasma and pigmentation treatment.

- Lipolysis and reinjecting, cellulite treatment.

- Dark circle treatment and eyelid lifting.

- Acne and surgical scar, stretch marks treatment.

- Hair, nail treatment.

- Laser hair removal