Doctor Profile

Dr. Salem Al Kandri

Specialist ophthalmologist
Ophthalmology Department


Canadian board of ophthalmology
Vitreoretinal surgeon university of ottawa canada
Fellow of the american academy of ophthalmology
Fellow of the European vitreoretinal society 

 Phaecoemulsification Cataract Surgery
 Parsplana Vitrectomy & Retinal Repair
 Diabetes Related Vitreous Surgeries
 Glaucoma Surgeries Including Valve Implantation
 Refractive Surgeries
 Post Traumatic Anterior Segment Reconstruction Surgeries     
 Focal & Panretinal Photocoagulation Lasers for Diabetics & other Ocular Conditions
 Eye Lid Procedures
 Medical Diagnosis & Managment of Different Eye Conditions