“Multi-disciplinary treatment for complex conditions...”

Blood plays a crucial role across many crucial body functions including oxygen supply, discarding waste and toxins, and regulating thermal temperature. The well-being of our body is governed to a large extent by the health and quality of blood, which explains why most ailments are first detected through blood tests. Our highly experienced hematologists, oncologists and specialists combine their know-how to detect, prevent, treat and manage a range of congenital and acquired blood disorders. Through state-of-the-art screening and treatment technology, we have secured a successful track record in managing both hematological malignancies and benign blood disorders, as well as thoughtful rehabilitation care and follow-up through our nutritionists and internalists

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In addition to treating blood disorders, our hematologists are trained and skilled in oncology to treat cancers originating from the blood. This dual-disciplinary approach enables our specialists to detect and effectively treat cancers which result from hematological disorders at an early stage. We also offer genetic counselling for families affected by hereditary blood diseases, advising them on precautions and treatments personalised to their individual case history.

Treatment and Services:

•    Anemias including sickle-celled anemia
•    Neutropenia (low white blood cell count)
•    Thalassemia
•    Acute and chronic leukemia
•    Thrombosis, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and other coagulation disorders
•    Platelet function abnormalities
•    Blood transfusions
•    Bleeding disorders
•    Lymphoma
•    Myeloma
•    Auto-immune diseases and immunodeficiency syndromes