“Personalised and professional attention when your baby needs it the most...”

Admitting your newborn, when you are eager to bring your bundle of joy home, can be very distressing. Our advanced and one-of-a-kind Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, part of our Pediatric & Neonatology Clinic, is designed to provide a friendly environment to specially care for your baby when its body parameters are critically ill, medically unstable or premature with a birth weight of more than 1000g and a gestational age of more than 30 weeks.

Our specially trained Neonatologists have in-depth know-how to rest your nervousness while leaving your baby in our care. To ensure an effective and speedy recovery, we comply by strict infection control measures and practices as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and evidence based medicine. Our experts understand how seeing your baby surrounded by equipment can bring you anxiety. Which is why our staff always goes the extra mile to patiently explain to you the details and benefits of the treatments and procedures which your baby undergoes, so that you can rest assured that the wellbeing of your baby is in safe hands.

Al Seef Edge

Our NICU is truly one-of-its-kind and the most advanced in Kuwait. Comprising three sub-units, our NICU is fitted with modern and highly sophisticated equipment and technology including cardiorespiratory monitors, blood saturation monitors, infusion pumps, and photo lamps. The neurological status of babies, including seizure detection, is continuously monitored. The best thermal management treatment with high quality warmers and incubators, keeps your baby warm and comfortable at all times, while our advanced pain control management keeps your baby at ease. We also have the best life support equipment to protect your baby’s delicate lungs. While our highly-skilled nurses and doctors watch over your baby at all times, the BabyCam fitted into every inpatient suite allows you to monitor the progress of your newborn from the comfort of your bed.

Treatment and Services:

Al Seef’s NICU comprises three main sub-units, each painstakingly planned and equipped for both high-dependency and low-dependency cases, providing the best possible care for your baby.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

•    Our NICU administers third-level neonatal care and comfortably accommodates up to 6 newborn babies at a time.
•    Our specially trained neonatologists and neonatal nurses are on call 24 hours a day to support neonates with respiratory distress (including surfactant administration), asphyxia, seizures, meconium aspiration syndrome, hyperbilirubinaemia, infection, and so on.
•    To ensure that your baby is at utmost ease, the unit provides respiratory support with both conventional mechanical ventilation and nasal CPAP as non-invasive ventilation support.
•    We also carefully undertake minor surgical procedures such as the placement of umbilical venous and arterial catheters, exchange transfusions, and pneumothorax drainage.
•    We are ever keen to offer the best solutions for your baby’s health, through superlative, advanced facilities such as HFOV (High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation) and inhaled NO (nitric oxide).

Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

•    Our Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) provides compassionate care to babies who require less intensive treatment that those in the NICU.
•    Accommodating up to 5 babies at a time, our SBCU serves as a ‘step down’ unit for the Intensive Care Unit and can admit up to five babies at a time.
•    The SCBU admits ill infants requiring less frequent nursing care but continuous monitoring by personnel and equipment.

Isolation Unit

•    Our Isolation Unit caters to babies with infection as well as babies born outside Al Seef Hospital. The Unit follows stringent quality control to prevent and contain the spread of infection.
•    The Unit’s advanced ventilation system is specially engineered to provide negative air pressure with a 100% air exchange, to ensure that your baby is surrounded by a pure, sanitized, safe and fresh environment at all times.
•    The Unit also meets the high acoustic standards of infant rooms, to provide your baby a calm, peaceful and undisturbed sleep and recovery.
•    Capable of comfortably accommodating 2 newborns at the same time, the Unit offers complete respiratory support including mechanical ventilation.

Additional Features:

•    We also offer a nutritional service specialized for term and preterm babies.
•    Highest care is taken to identify and predict the likelihood of hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy in babies, followed by immediate treatment.
•    Our advanced equipment also detects early intracranial bleeding and brain problems, and conducts an eye-screening and hearing-screening for all preterm babies.