Facts About AL-SEEF Hospital

“A masterpiece of aesthetics and expertise…”

Al Seef Hospital is located in Block 3 Salmiya on the corner of Amor Bin Al-Aas Street and Al-Belajat Street, and overlooks the serenity of the majestic Arabian Gulf sea.

The Hospital is part of the United Medical Services group that consists of over 10 companies specialized in different fields of health and medical services.

The Hospital is uniquely designed to fit beautifully into the vista of the Arabian Gulf and provides all of the features to ensure the highest standards of patient safety and comfort. It is also the only hospital in Kuwait to feature a helipad.

Al Seef Hospital is the most technologically sophisticated hospital in Kuwait due to the combination of the latest equipment and the capability to link diagnostic and patient monitor equipment digitally:

  • Our advanced systems allows pathology results and reports to be received quickly, while a patient's complete history is recorded digitally to enable immediate access.
  • In the critical care and high dependency units, patient monitors are linked to centrally located monitors where the patient's condition is closely monitored.
  • The clinical system has the capability to eventually allow the patient to get access to his / her medical record from anywhere in the world.
  • For pharmacy prescriptions, the treating doctor can dispense an electronic order to alert the Pharmacist to a patient's possible adverse reaction to certain drugs.
  • Al-Seef hospital is the first private hospital in Kuwait to invest in "OR1" product. The OR1 is a state-of-the-art fully digitized operating room that is ergonomically optimized to the benefit of surgeons and nursing staff. This enhances sterility, safety and quality within the operating room to provide a first-class surgical facility.

We house advanced clinical technology and equipment – most of which are unique to Kuwait - that enable accurate and effective treatment procedures:

  • Our Neonatology clinic features a Cerebral Function Monitoring (CFM) which detects seizures in newborns; and Electroencephalograph (EEG) which records brain activity of a baby to assess development; a Hearing Screener to examine a baby's hearing from the ear up to the nervous system; a Transport System comprising an incubator and ventilator to transport babies in our fully equipped ambulance; and a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) ventilator used mainly to treat apnea and respiratory failure.
  • Our Operating Rooms & Post-Recovery treatment includes KARL STORZ OR1, a digital system that controls all equipments and records history of the various treatments administered to a patient; Telemedicine which allows audiovisual communication between our OR rooms; a Nerve Stimulator which ensures that a patient is fully sedated before proceeding with operations; a Sequential Compression Device which limits the development of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Peripheral Edema in immobile patients; and a Patient Controlled Analgesia (CGA) which delivers controlled analgesic drugs to patient to relieve them from pain