Core Values

“Upholding cherished principles in all that we do…”

Al Seef’s core values are well demonstrated by the Hospital’s smart build and design. Every care has been taken to ensure the highest levels of comfort, convenience, privacy, quality and flexibility..

Intelligent Aesthetics

Al Seef Hospital is strategically located by Kuwait’s azure Arabian Gulf Sea, lending patients and visitors a spectacular view of the sea from every suite, waiting area and Clinic. Al Seef’s grand exterior profile represented in its steel and glass convex frame fitted to an urban architectural design resembles the masts of a traditional boat, while simultaneously symbolizing the abdomen of an expectant mother. Embodied in its imposing structure, are the Hospital’s values of community and wellbeing.

The Hospital's exterior charm is met by equally welcoming interiors. The spacious Main Reception replete with the main entrances helpdesk opens up into a 3-storey atrium. While fish flounder in an aquarium and the subtle ripple of nearby waterfalls while admitting ample natural light, lends a sense of pleasance and harmony. A fresh palette of colors and textures, smooth finishes and ergonomic design meet the eye to offer reassurance that one is in a soothingly calm environment.

Commitment to Quality

The Hospital is designed in compliance with AIA Technical Design Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals and Health Care Facilities; Ventilation Requirements for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality; CDC Guidelines for Healthcare Air Contamination and Infection Control; NFPA 101 Life Safety Code; HTM 2025 for Ventilation Operation and Air Movement Control and HTM 2022 for Medical Gases. The Hospital premises comply fully with requirements of the disability act where exclusive disability parking spots, existence of wheel chairs and staff at the entrances for patients with disability drop off, while ramps and wide corridors make mobility by wheelchair easy.


Entrances to the Hospital are organized to set apart patients and visitors alike through the main entrance. There are separate entrances for staff, Urgent Care Centre, Supplies and a side entrance for the pharmacy and a small but intimate shopping mall on the ground floor. There is also an underground link connecting multistory car park to the Hospital Basement. All the entrances are monitored by security cameras and security staff. Moreover, a Helipad on the roof of the hospital is provided for emergency air transport from accident sites or from either hospital locations, equipped with a ramp and a dedicated elevator transporting critical patients to ICU or the OT.


Provided with an efficient logistics system, a total of 10 elevators including a panoramic elevator elevating from ground to the 3rd floor overseeing the atrium transporting outpatients to their waiting areas. This helped in overcoming the challenge of movement between the 19 floor Hospital building. These elevators are separately dedicated for patients, visitors, inpatient transfers, services and staff.

Privacy and Comfort

As the Hospital's commitment to privacy and comfort of their patients, the inpatient suites, from 8th floor to 18th floor, all are in-patient rooms. All patient rooms are private rooms overlooking the sea, with a mix of Single rooms, VIP and VVIP suites on different floors and Royal Apartments on the 19th floor. The emphasis of interior design is on simplicity, ergonomic interiors featuring round-cornered design across walls, ceiling, flooring and furniture selection; to lend patients not only rich aesthetics as well as a safe and relaxing environment. Our in-patient suites are technologically equipped with finger-touch facilities including interactive IPTV for video on demand, general information, satellite channels, nurse call system and a 'baby cam' or infant monitoring system for mothers to monitor the progress of their infants while in the nursery from the comforts of their clinical beds, yielding to fast healing of the patient and a shorter length of stay.


Major portion of the Mechanical Equipment e.g. Chillers, Cooling Towers and Generators serving the main hospital are located on the roof of the car park. Thus, mitigating the noise and vibration related disturbances from the hospital patients. The innovative design of the building makes it to be one of the leading smart buildings in the region and scoring good points in complying with the Green Building Requirements. Our mission is to become one of the leading health care facilities in the region.

Flexibility and Adaptability

When designing the building, Hospital management and the consultants were very much aware of how important it was to allow for flexibility in floor layout and room layout, to allow the hospital to grow and evolve to suit the prevailing market conditions. With this in mind the floor planning and structural systems were deliberately designed to accommodate new facilities. Using movable, light weight Internal Drywall Partition System facilitated flexibility in its operational practices. The design allowed easy visual supervision of patients by limiting the inpatient room to a maximum of 13 rooms per floor, also provided optimal functional adjacencies such as locating the operating suite and CSSD adjacent to the surgical intensive care unit on one floor, and locating the NICU adjacent to Labor and delivery and the OBS/GYN operating rooms on another floor, in addition of locating the nursery adjacent to the maternity ward.