Our Responsible Healthcare Philosophy

We measure our success not merely by the degree to which we make a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients, but also by the extent to which we uphold our responsibilities towards the healthcare practice, the society, and the environment:

We uphold globally accepted best practices in healthcare through our Quality Management Culture. We have formulated and implemented evidence-based policies and protocols.

Our various Hospital Committees monitor the performance of medical divisions and have developed a Risk Management System to optimize patient and staff safety. We have installed the most technically advanced fire detection, fire fighting and smoke containment systems throughout the Hospital.

We look forward to Hospital Accreditation in the future and comply by International Healthcare Standards.

A culture of constant learning, sharing and collegiality ensures that our staff upholds the Hippocratic Oath. Our staff administers healthcare treatment in the best interest of patients through informed consent and respecting patient privacy and confidentiality.

The Hospital has been designed and built as a Smart Building using latest technologies to optimize energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. We also conduct waste management and recycling measures to preserve the sustainability and safety of the environment and civil society.

Sustainability being a cornerstone of the Hospital's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda, the Hospital adopted energy-saving technology early into its development. By incorporating motion sensors in washrooms, the Hospital reduces its consumption of water, while lavatory flush sensors and hands-free sink sensors throughout the Hospital avert cross-contamination yielding to a timeless and effortless practice by the patients and staff. Moreover the design of the large external facades benefited in bringing in more daylight, thus conserving energy.

As part of our preventive healthcare agenda, we look forward to conducting healthcare awareness campaigns targeting lifestyles where significant health benefits, particularly for women and children, can be achieved.