Health Care Belgium

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Healthcare Belgium

Healthcare Belgium is an official Belgian non-profit organisation established in 2007 by 11 top Belgian hospital groups. The organisation receives substantial support from Agfa Healthcare, the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (VBO-FEB), Radiomatix, Ion Beam Applications (IBA) and VK Group.

As an affiliate, Healthcare Belgium assists Al Seef Hospital in strategic planning including market research, assessment and analysis, as well as advises the addition of new speciality clinical services. It provides Al Seef’s front-line supervisors and middle managers with mentoring support and continuing professional educational opportunities through on-site CME, off-site CME, remote CME via teleconferencing and off-site CEUs.

Our alliance with Healthcare Belgium also includes operational consultancy for a wide array of departments including brief site visitations and telemedicine. Healthcare Belgium provides Al Seef with a list of highly qualified doctors across different specialties, assists in the preparation of schedules and recruitment of consultants from Belgium of the required specialties as and when needed.