Hospital Build Awards

Hospital Build Award
(Best Physical Environment)
Al Seef Hospital won the 2011 Excellence Award for Best Physical Environment in Hospital Build. This recognition reiterates Al Seef’s commitment to smart functional design, qualitative amenities, a harmonious ambience, intelligence mobility and floor-planning and meticulous attention to detail to ensure optimal staff functioning and a safe, comfortable and pleasant stay for inpatients.
Al Seef was evaluated on a number of parameters including its strategic location by the serene Kuwait seafront, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, aesthetics, high levels of safety and tranquillity for patients, and modern technical emergency systems to avert accidents.
This Award is particularly noteworthy given Al Seef is a young and emerging healthcare provider, established in 2009. It reflects the Management’s prudence, foresight, strong market acumen and an unwavering commitment to holistic qualitative healthcare.