Internal Medicine

 “Safe and effective medicine to pace up recovery...”

Medicine is to the healing of the body after diagnosis and operative procedures, as music is to the calming of the mind. Our timely, controlled and proper medication goes a long way in fostering both immediate and long-term recovery in the non-surgical treatment of common, acute and chronic ailments. Our well-seasoned internists and hospitalists, through a multi-disciplinary approach, combine the latest evidence-based medicine to suit each patient’s individual health needs. Our role goes well beyond prescribing collaborative and safe medicines, to advising patients about effective dosage cycles to speed up their process of recovery as well as the potential dangers of self-medication.

Al Seef Edge

Through our multi-disciplinary and teamwork-based approach, our specialists bear in mind a patient’s unique healthcare needs, medical history, lifestyle patterns and age, to prescribe medicine dosage which is customised to catalyse well-being. We do not have a blanket approach towards healthcare. We excel in evidence-based medicine, which comes from years of practise and a commendable track-record in Internal Medicine. Be it a common flu or a serious ailment, an inpatient or an outpatient, our highly-qualified Internists have a solution for the most demanding of health conditions. We also conduct preventive healthcare tests offering patients advice on maintaining the pink of health.

Treatment and Services:

•    Illnesses and conditions involving different organs and systems of the body
•    Diabetes mellitus & diseases of the glands
•    Heart diseases & hypertension
•    Chest diseases & asthma
•    Arthritis
•    Immunizations and vaccinations for a wide range of ailments
•    Specialised geriatric medicine for the elderly
•    Communicable diseases such as viral, bacterial and fungal diseases
•    Allergies
•    Hematology and blood diseases
•    Gastroenterology & Liver disorders