“Where no health complication is too complicated...”

Committed to provide compassionate, superior patient care for a wide range of health conditions, our seasoned surgeons are specialised in general surgery and sub-specialities, prognosis and follow-up. Functioning out of optimally-equipped operation theatres fitted with state-of-the-art sophisticated surgical technology, our surgical specialists adeptly conduct both minimally invasive (laparoscopic and flexible endoscopic) and conventional surgical procedures. Recognizing the importance of attention to detail, our surgeons work closely with trained anaesthesiologists holding immense know-how in the administration of topical and general anaesthesia, pain management and trauma management.

Al Seef Edge

At Al Seef, our dedication to restore your health goes way beyond just surgical procedures, to encompass considerate and effective post-surgery therapy to catalyse normal neuro-muscular functioning. Our competent therapists and 24/7 nursing staff combine testing and therapeutic exercises to ensure fast and lasting progress. With your comfort, convenience and speedy recovery in mind, we perform surgery both on an in-patient and out-patient basis as per the nature of your health condition. The general surgery dept also offers one day case surgeries for number of procedures.

Treatments and Services:

  • Removal of Tumors
  • Surgical treatment of Thyroid Gland and Parathyroid Gland
  • Breast Surgery
  • Patching Umbilical Hernia together with retina fixation.
  • Surgery of the digestive system (stomach, duodenal small and large intestine) by laparoscopic surgery
  • Anal and rectal surgery
  • Appendectomy, gallbladder, adrenal gland, spleen, by laparoscopic surgery
  • Patching the Diaphragm and GERD
  • Treatment of Diabetic Foot
  • Treatment of hands and armpit sweating using chest endoscope
  • Excessive obesity surgeries .
  • Vascular surgery.
  • Surgery of legs Varicose Veins, and Limbs Artery Deficiencies
  • Treatment of arterial insufficiency